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balwinderfinance  is your one-stop destination to search for the best Home Loans, Personal Loans and Credit Cards in India. Since 1989, more than 50 lakh customers have fulfilled their dreams with us. Our network of 100+ banks and NBFCs promise most affordable and suitable finance deal for you.


Find, compare and buy financial products with ease.

By logging on to our website or app, you can instantly gain access to the best-matched products, irrespective of ticket-size, location & nature of loan query. Our loan specialists offer personalised loan assistance and help you navigate your credit requirement without any hassle. With 100+ partner lenders on board, we assure you the best loan offer as per your needs. 

Personal Loan for a better future

Personal Loans are ideal to fund your higher education, business expansion, home improvement, wedding, travel, medical expenses & more. Kotak Mahindra Bank is currently offering lowest personal loan interest rate starting at 10.25% at flat processing fee of Rs 999. Get instant approval for affordable personal loans up to 50 Lakh for 5 years without pledging collateral or adding guarantor.

Gold Loan

A gold loan is a secured loan that borrowers can avail of cash by pledging their gold as collateral with Muthoot FinCorp. On the day of gold loan application, the market value of gold is calculated based on the per gram market rate.Only the gold ornaments or jewellery are used to calculate the value such as gold coins, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and other metals, gems and stones

Business Loan

Fuel your business withbalwinderfinance small business loans and achieve all your dreams. Our SME loans come with flexible tenures, easy repayment options, and minimum documentation based on RBI guidelines. The criteria to avail our Small Business Loan is simple and flexible. Apply now for SME loans starting as low as Rs. 15,000.

Auto Loan

An auto loan frombalwinderfinance is easy and convenient to get! With over 3600 branches in India, we are like a financial supermarket. We offer Gold Loan and Small Business Loan along with various other balwinderfinance Group’ companies’ products like Two-wheeler, auto loans and Used-car Loans.

Micro Finance

We understand the deep-rooted need for the people to raise their living standards and income levels. We also understand that access to low-ticket credit can be a big step for people who have big dreams and limited means of achieving those dreams

Forex Exchange

balwinderfinance equips you with the currency of the place you want to travel. We buy foreign currencies & travellers cheques from resident Indians, Non resident Indians and foreigners, through our wide and vast network of branches. We have an Authorised Dealer Category II license from RBI. All our branches across the country are authorised to offer Forex services.

Domestic & International Transfer

As the one-stop financial supermarket for the financial needs of the common man, balwinderfinance also offers international & domestic money transfer services. The balwinderfinance domestic & international money transfer services are a trustworthy, quick, simple, secure and fast way of personal inward as well as outward remittances

Insurance Loan

balwinderfinance through its sister concern balwinderfinance Risk Insurance and Broking Services Pvt. Ltd. welcomes you to a world of trust by offering compensation or insurance against a potential loss. We offer the easiest and low-cost way to insure yourself or your family against tragedies and emergencies. It is our aim to ensure the inclusion of the “common man” within the insurance landscape and securing their financial stability

financial products with ease.

Fast Disbursal

Our team helps customers make informed loan decisions. We ensure that your application is processed in the lowest turnout time and you get the fastest disbursal.

Safe & Secure

Applying for loans and credit cards through MyMoneyMantra is 100% safe & secure. Our systems ensure complete data security and privacy for each applicant.

Why choose Loan Bucket?

Choose balwinderfinance to simplify your borrowing journey. Since 1989, balwinderfinance is helping customers, find the best financial products in India. With 100+ banks and NBFCs we assure tailored deals on Personal Loans, Home Loans, Business Loans, Loan Against Property and Credit Cards according to customer preferences. Our family of 2500+ loan specialists are skilled & trained to assist customers make informed decisions. We take care of complete loan process from application, documentation, approval to disbursal, thereby creating timeless experience for each customer query irrespective of the ticket-size. We employ latest tech stack and assure data privacy & security on our website & app.


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What our happy clint says about us

"I was a small business owner in a tough situation when I was applying for a loan to purchase my building. Conventional banks said they could not help me, which was good that they hadn't wasted my time in the lengthy process. __________ sat down with me, heard my situation, and decided that I was worth taking a chance on. Here we are 5 years later and I have just renewed my loan for another 7 years. I couldn’t have purchased my building without the help of ______ and will be forever indebted to them for giving me a chance when no one else would."
Manish Sharma
CEO & Founder Crix
“ has helped us take on bigger and more art projects within the community. Initially, took a risk on us, as deep down we know that no one will take a chance on us as we hadn't had good sales figures and even the right executable plan. It is not like we were shooting in the dark, it was just that we were in the planning process of the company after one failure, and preparing us for the rejections. To be exact, they provided us funding when we had an annual budget of only 70,000, and that has helped us grow into what we are today.” 
Jay Gupta
Director at Dynamic
“ worked extensively with me to help me anticipate some of the issues that my business may face. Not many loan providers would go to that length. They’ve been extremely supportive and a great resource. Later, I took several other loans for other projects and found my way to success.”
RamCharan Verma
Director at Dynamic